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Why a Coffee Money Box is great gift idea?

Coffee Money Box in shape of a pink pig
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‍Are you looking for a great gift idea for people who love drinking coffee? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Whether they drink their coffee black or with sugar and milk, most people can’t get enough of this delicious caffeinated beverage.

However, the cost of all that java can add up quickly. That’s why many people like to give their friends and family members who are regular coffee drinkers a small money box styled like an old-fashioned tin can that has been repurposed as a new home for coins.

Known as a “coffee money box” these make excellent gifts for anyone who loves their daily cups of coffee because they help keep track of spending on this thirsty but expensive pastime.

What Is a Coffee Money Box?

A coffee money box is a small container that holds your loose change. Traditionally, these containers have a can or tin design.

You can also find money boxes in the shape of a piggy bank, a bank, or even a cup of coffee. These containers have a small slot on the front into which you slip notes and coins.

You can then close the slot so that it won’t let the coins fall out again. Some coffee money boxes also have a removable drawer that allows you to put larger bills inside the box as well.

A coffee money box is also known as a Coffee Fund Jar or a Coffee Money Bank.

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How Does a Coffee Money Box Work?

The coffee money box is very simple to use. It has a slot on the front into which you slip coins one at a time. You can also place notes in this slot.

The slot’s spring-loaded design will keep your money inside the box, even if you shake it vigorously. The interior of the box has compartments, divided by cardboard walls. You can use the compartments to separate your coins by type.

You can also use the cardboard dividers to keep different types of coins separate from one another.

Why a Coffee Money Box Is Such a Great Gift

The coffee money box is a great gift for a number of reasons.

First, a coffee money box is inexpensive, typically costing less than £10. Also, these miniature money canisters are quite easy to find.

There are many ways to use a coffee money box. One person can use it to save up for a special purchase. Another person may use the box to keep track of his or her daily coffee spending.

Where to Find a Coffee Money Box

You can find coffee money boxes in many different stores. Many gift shops that specialize in products for people who love coffee will sell coffee money boxes. You can also find coffee money boxes online.

Sites such as Etsy and Amazon will contain all sorts of coffee money boxes. They come in all shapes, and styles and cater to all budgets.

You don’t have to spend a fortune for a coffee money box to be a great gift you just have to find one that is unique and suits the person you are giving it to.

The more personalized the better as the person will appreciate the time and effort you have spent selecting the coffee money for them.

Do people still use Coffee Money Boxes?

Whilst more and more people are paying for things electronically with credit cards, debit cards, mobile phones, and even watches there are still some people who enjoy the physical feel of cash.

Spending notes and coins are different from spending electronically as you notice when you have spent the notes and coins but when you buy something electronically it doesn’t feel like you have parted with your hard-earned cash.

For these reasons, some people prefer to save their notes and coins in coffee money boxes. This lets them count how much they have saved and spent without having to rely on checking their bank statements or money apps.

A Coffee money box is often seen on the counter of your local coffee shop as the staff are hoping that customers will leave a nice tip to reward them for their hard work and effort in ensuring that the customer really enjoys their cup of coffee. Baristas always deserve a tip in my humble opinion.


Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world.

It is enjoyed by people of all ages and all walks of life. People who love coffee also love collecting coffee mugs, coffee pots, and other coffee-related items.

When it comes to gifts, nothing says “I appreciate you” more than a gift that is personalized with the recipient’s name, saying, or favourite hobby.

When you give someone a coffee money box, you are giving them something that they can use to save their change and keep track of their spending. Plus, you’re giving them a gift that they can use for years to come.

If you think a coffee money box is old-fashioned then you could try a coffee mug as they will never go out of fashion as long as people want to drink coffee.

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