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3 Ways To Earn Extra Cash That Won’t Get You Arrested

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Whether you are currently unemployed. Working fewer hours than you used to in your day job. Maybe you need some extra money to pay off those growing bills let’s look at some ways to help you earn extra cash.

Let’s take a quick look at a few easy ways for you to make some extra cash. You won’t get rich using any of these ideas, but you will be able to put some extra money in your back pocket and take a little bit of that pain away.

Here goes!

“Take a Tip from Steptoe & Son”

One of the easiest ways to make some extra money is to collect scrap metal. Whether it’s old car parts, soda cans, or whatever, scrap metal is a great way to earn some extra spending money. You can go around your neighbourhood and offer to take old junk off people’s hands and then sell that scrap metal.

“Check Out Those Classifieds”

Another good way to make money is to hop on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace and look for people needing odd jobs done. A lot of times you can find ads for moving assistance, yard work, or even just someone needing a driver. You’re not going to be able to support a family doing this, but if you’re out of work and need something to sustain you until you can get a full-time job, then this is a great opportunity!

“Make Those Micro-Tasks Pay Their Way”

If neither of those option appeal to you, especially if you’re already employed full-time and just need some extra spending money, then perhaps this last option will help. Join mTurk, a micro-freelancing site operated by Amazon. You can do small jobs like proofreading, filling out surveys, and other easy work for quick money. If you’re lucky, you can easily make a good bit of money for a few hours work.

Each of these three options are great ways to earn extra cash with little to no investment other than your time and energy. They can help you make some extra spending money for your holidays, pay off a few bills or just take some of that pressure off until you find a way to make more money from home. 

You could of course, follow the road a lot of people are taking these days and learn how to build an online side hustle. While some investment will be needed you can get started with very little costs — and build an income over time that will let you walk away from your day job if you want to. Another suggestion would be affiliate marketing.

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