From Middle Earth to the Real World: The Best Lord of The Rings-Inspired Lessons for Starting a Side Hustle

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As a side hustler, you’re constantly on the lookout for inspiration to help you take your business to the next level. But have you ever considered turning to the world of Middle Earth for guidance? The epic story of The Lord of the Rings offers valuable lessons that can be applied to the world of side hustles.

In this post, we’ll explore the best Lord of The Rings-inspired lessons for starting a side hustle. From persistence and collaboration to risk-taking and attention to detail, we’ll delve into the key traits that can help you build a successful side hustle. So grab your elven cloak and join us on this adventure.


One of the most important qualities for a side hustler is persistence. It’s easy to get discouraged when your side hustle isn’t immediately successful, but it’s important to remember that success takes time. This is exemplified in the journey of Frodo and his companions in The Lord of the Rings. Despite facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, they never gave up on their quest.

In the world of side hustles, persistence is equally important. It’s essential to stay committed to your goals, even when you face setbacks or challenges. This means continuing to work on your business, even if you’re not making the progress you’d hoped for.

So if you’re struggling with persistence, take a moment to remind yourself why you started your side hustle in the first place. Set small, achievable goals and focus on making progress, even if it’s just a little bit each day.


Another important trait for side hustlers is the ability to collaborate effectively with others. In The Lord of the Rings, Frodo and his companions rely on each other’s strengths to achieve their goals. They recognize that they can’t succeed alone and work together to overcome challenges.

In the world of side hustles, collaboration can be just as crucial. Whether it’s partnering with another entrepreneur or seeking advice from a mentor, working with others can help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively. By combining your strengths with those of others, you can create something truly special.

You therefore need to take some time to identify potential collaborators for your side hustle. Reach out to other entrepreneurs in your network or consider working with a mentor to help guide you.

So, if your side hustle is dog walking contact other dog walkers in your area to see if they can help you or you can help them, for example, with holiday cover.

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Starting a side hustle often requires taking risks, and The Lord of the Rings is no stranger to risk-taking. Frodo and his companions face danger at every turn.

In the film, many characters take risks to achieve their goals, and sometimes those risks pay off in unexpected ways.

An example of this is when Frodo and Sam take a significant risk when they decide to try and sneak past the Eye of Sauron and into Mordor.

If they were caught, it would have meant certain death. However, their bravery pays off in the end when they are able to destroy the ring and defeat Sauron.

In the world of side hustles, taking risks is equally important. Starting a side hustle often involves taking a risk, as there are no guarantees that your idea will be successful.

However, if you are willing to take calculated risks, you may find that the rewards are worth it.

Before you take any risks, it’s important to assess them carefully. Think about the potential outcomes of your actions and weigh the risks against the potential rewards.

One way to do this is to start small. Take baby steps and test the waters before diving in headfirst. This will help you to identify potential problems and adjust your approach before you invest too much time or money into your side hustle.

Don’t be afraid to take risks, but be sure to do so in a thoughtful and strategic way. Consider taking a calculated risk to move your side hustle adventure forward.


Another critical lesson we can learn from Lord of The Rings is the importance of adaptability. Throughout the film, we see characters facing unexpected challenges and having to quickly adapt to new situations.

This adaptability is demonstrated when the Fellowship of the Ring is forced to flee through the Mines of Moria.

After discovering that the original path is blocked. Instead of giving up or wasting time trying to find another way, they adapt to the situation and take a new, more dangerous route. This decision ultimately leads them to success.

In the world of side hustles, adaptability is also crucial. Your side hustle may face unexpected challenges and setbacks, and it’s important to be able to adapt and pivot as needed.

To develop your adaptability, start by being open-minded and flexible. Don’t get too attached to a particular idea or way of doing things. Instead, be willing to adjust your approach as needed to overcome challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

It’s also important to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in your industry. This will help you to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changes as they arise.

Think about how you can develop your adaptability. Identify one area of your side hustle where you may need to be more adaptable and create a plan for how you can adjust if necessary.

Attention to Detail

Paying attention to detail is another important lesson that we can learn from Lord of The Rings. In the film, small details often make a big difference in the characters’ ability to succeed.

In Lord of Rings when Frodo and Sam disguise themselves as orcs in order to pass through enemy lines undetected.

In order to make their disguise convincing, they pay close attention to the details of orc behavior and movement.

This attention to detail allows them to successfully navigate through dangerous territory

Similarly, in the world of side hustles, paying attention to detail can make all the difference in your success.

Small details, such as your branding, customer service, and attention to deadlines, can have a big impact on your customers’ perceptions of your side hustle.

To develop your attention to detail, start by being mindful and present in everything you do. Take the time to double-check your work and ensure that everything is accurate and error-free.

It’s also important to seek feedback from others and be willing to make adjustments based on their suggestions. This will help your side hustle become more successful.

Paying attention to the details could mean carefully monitoring your finances to ensure that you’re not overspending or keeping meticulous records of your customer interactions. By paying careful attention to the details, you’ll be better able to make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

No matter how skilled you are, mistakes can happen in any side hustle. It’s essential to learn from them and take steps to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. In Lord of The Rings, we see many characters who made mistakes and suffered the consequences. For example, Boromir’s overconfidence in the face of the enemy led to his downfall, and he lost the chance to save his people.

To avoid common side hustle mistakes, research your chosen field thoroughly and learn from others’ experiences. Talk to people who have started similar side hustles and ask them about their struggles and how they overcame them. Don’t let your ego get in the way and be willing to learn from your mistakes. Accept that failure is a part of the process and use it to improve yourself.

Make a list of the common mistakes people make in your side hustle niche and research how to avoid them. Reach out to experienced side hustlers and ask for their advice on how to overcome common pitfalls.

Willing to Learn New Skills

A successful side hustle requires you to be willing to learn new skills constantly. As technology advances and markets change, new skills become necessary to stay ahead. In Lord of The Rings, we see many characters who were willing to learn new skills to help them on their journey. For example, Frodo learned how to use a sword to defend himself, and Sam learned how to cook and forage for food.

To stay competitive in your side hustle, you need to be willing to learn new skills and adapt to change. Look for opportunities to improve your skills, take courses, attend workshops, and read books. Network with people in your industry and ask for feedback on how you can improve. Keep an open mind and be willing to try new things.

Identify one skill that you need to improve to succeed in your side hustle and research how to learn it. Take action to acquire that skill within the next month.


In conclusion, the Lord of The Rings offers valuable lessons for anyone starting a side hustle. From persistence to attention to detail, collaboration to risk-taking, adaptability to avoiding common mistakes, and the willingness to learn new skills, these lessons can help you succeed in your side hustle journey.

Remember that starting a side hustle is not easy, but it is worth it. Take action on the lessons learned and start your side hustle journey today! With hard work, persistence, and a willingness to learn, you can achieve your goals and build the life you want.

As Gandalf said, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” So, make the most of your time, learn from the lessons of Lord of The Rings, and start your side hustle journey today.

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