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What to consider before starting to make money dog walking

Are you interested in learning how to make money dog walking to find out if it would be a worthwhile side hustle for you to make some extra money whilst enjoying the company of some canine friends?

If you love dogs, dog walking is a great side hustle. The industry is booming and there’s no reason why you can’t get in on the action. In fact, you’d be barking mad not to!

You can choose to make money dog walking either as a part-time side hustle or full-time job and make money from home, so it’s perfect for any lifestyle!

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about starting your own business but haven’t had the time or energy to do so.

Dog walking requires little startup capital and gives you more flexibility than other businesses because it doesn’t require much overhead. Making money walking dogs doesn’t require any expensive equipment or supplies either—you just need some love for dogs.

If you have never tried it before then you might want to offer to walk a friend’s dog to see if you have the aptitude to make money dog walking. Alternatively, you could read a book on the topic or search watch people walking dogs on Youtube.

How much money do dog walkers make?

Dog walkers typically charge between £10 to £20 per hour. Rates vary depending on where you live and also what type of service you offer your customers: do they just need someone to walk their dog during the day while they’re at work, or do they want more elaborate care such as feeding and brushing.

If you’re looking to make money with a dog walking side hustle, it’s important to know how much dog walkers make. This can help you determine whether or not starting your own dog walking business is feasible for your financial situation.

It’s also helpful when deciding how much time and energy you want to put into growing your business since the amount of money you earn will vary depending on the number of dogs in your care at any given time.

When it comes down to it, there are two main factors that determine how much money a dog walker makes: how many clients they have and how long each client uses their services each week or month. These two factors combine to create an hourly rate that varies widely depending on where in the country they work as well as what services they offer (and charge).

If you have 4 clients and take each dog for a 1 hour walk each day you could make £60 a day. Doing this for 5 days a week could make you over £300 a week or over £15,000 a year.

That’s a pretty decent amount of extra cash and shows that you can definitely make money dog walking if you set your mind to it.

Remember you can walk more than 1 dog at a time as long as you can control them properly. If you walk two dogs together you are getting paid twice as much for the same walk.

How many dogs are there in the UK?

There are just under 10 million dogs in the UK. That’s 40 million paws that need to be exercised on a regular basis to keep the dogs fit and healthy.

If you would like to make money dog walking then there has never been a better time to start such a business.

Someone taking two dogs for a walk
Dog walking is a great way to make some extra money

Do some research to discover the demand for dog walking services in your area

You need to do some research into the demand for dog walkers in the area. You are not going to make money dog walking if nobody requires you to walk their dogs.

You also need to look into the competition to see how much they charge and what services they offer.

If you want to make money dog walking in your area you need to differentiate yourself either on price or service.

Initially, to start your business you may need to charge less than the competition but as your customer base grows you can start to charge more money for your dog walking services.

How much does it cost to start a dog walking side hustle

The cost of starting a dog walking business depends largely on where you live and the services you offer.

You can get started with less than £100 if you decide not to offer grooming services or pet training classes but instead stick with basic dog walking services like walks around the neighborhood and local parks.

£100 startup costs is not a big outlay if you want to make money dog walking and you can buy more equipment and dog-related paraphernalia as your side hustle grows.

You just need to compare your expected outlays with how much money you will make as a dog walker to decide if it is a profitable side hustle for you.

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What equipment do you need for a dog walking side gig

To be successful in your desire to make money dog walking, you need to invest in a few key items. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these things; they’re all very affordable and can be easily replaced if they become damaged or lost.

  • A dog leash: I recommend getting one made from nylon or leather that’s at least four feet long and can withstand the weight of your dog (if he’s big). It needs to be comfortable for both you and your pet—you don’t want it rubbing against his neck or causing any chafing!
  • Dog poop bags: Make sure you get ones that are biodegradable so that they aren’t harmful once disposed of in the bin. Also, make sure they’re thick enough not to tear easily when picking up after your pooch does his business!
  • Dog treats: Treats should only be given during training time, so don’t purchase too many unless you plan on using them as rewards right away. The same goes for other types of food like rawhide bones or chews made out of real meat (like pigs’ ears), which should only be given while out on walks with him so they don’t get messy inside the house.
  • Transportation: As your dog walking business grows or if you need to travel to pick up the dogs then some form of transport is essential especially if you intend to transport the dogs from their local area to somewhere that is more suitable for walking them. A van is a good method of transport as long as it can carry your equipment, supplies, and dogs comfortably.
  • Dog walking boots: These are useful to look after your feet if you are going to spend a lot of time taking dogs for walks in all weather conditions. It is no fun walking if your feet are not comfortable!

Other things to consider if you want to make money dog walking

If you’re considering a dog walking business, there’s a lot of information to consider.

  • Do you have the time and energy for this?
  • Is it something that works best for your lifestyle?
  • What’s the competition like in your area? How can you differentiate yourself from them?

The most important thing is to think through all of these questions before jumping into it. It’s easy to get caught up in excitement about starting a new business, but not so easy to make money! To ensure success, make sure that this venture fits with what matters most to you by asking yourself: Is this something I would do even if no one were paying me for it? If yes, great! If not…maybe reconsider if this side hustle is right for you after all (or maybe not).

Walking a dog on a lead
Walking dogs is a great side hustle

Finding clients for dog sitting side gigs

There are several ways to find clients for pet sitting side gigs. Use the following resources:

  • Online resources: Look through online classifieds and job boards on websites like Rover, Gumtree, and Wag!
  • Social media: Use Facebook groups or other social channels to reach out to people in your area.
  • Word of mouth: Tell everyone you know—friends, family members, coworkers—about what you’re doing and ask if they have any leads on clients who need a dog walker or cat sitter. You may be surprised at how many people are willing to give you referrals!
  • Flyers: Make flyers that list all of your services (walking dogs, dog-sitting, and dog hair cutting services) as well as contact information so clients can reach out if they have questions or want more information before hiring you for their pets’ care needs (e.g., “I’ll come over twice a day for 30 minutes each time”). Post these flyers at local pet stores, vets’ offices/clinics/animal hospitals/etc., shelters’ waiting rooms/cages where potential adopters typically gather when visiting them; leave some brochures with employees there too so they can share with visitors who might need this kind of service but not know where else look.

What skills do you need to make money dog walking

As a dog walker, you’ll need to have a lot of skills. Here are the most important ones if you want to make money dog walking are:

  • Dog walking and training skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Empathy and patience
  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills (both written and verbal)

You should also be creative, able to set goals for yourself and follow through on them, learn from your mistakes, put in the time necessary for success or failure—and you had better enjoy working with dogs!

Do you need a license or permit to make money dog walking?

If you are looking to set up a dog walking business in the UK, then you do not need to have any dog walking license, qualification, or special certification.

If you want to operate a successful business then it might be worthwhile obtaining some certificates or qualifications to prove to your potential customers that you know what you are doing.

These Certificates do not have to be expensive but being able to demonstrate that you know how to care and look after dogs would certainly win you doggy points with dog owners and help them to trust you with their best friends.

Best apps for dog walkers

When it comes to choosing a dog walking app, there are many factors to consider. Here are some things you should look for:

  • A large number of dog walkers and clients. If an app has very few members, it may not be worth your time. If you want to make money dog walking look for one with thousands or hundreds of thousands of users so that you have plenty of potential customers and fellow dog walkers to connect with.
  • Lots of reviews from past customers. You’ll want to find out how people feel about using the app before signing up! Reviews can tell you a lot about how well an app works overall, while also giving tips on what sort of experience past users had when using it themselves (for example: “The website was easy-to-use,” or “I found it difficult contacting customer service”).
  • Features such as scheduling availability ahead of time so clients can book their walks in advance; accepting payment through the site instead of having cash on hand; taking pictures or videos during walks so clients know exactly what happened to their dogs once they left home.

What are the benefits of dog walking

  • Dog walking is a great way to get outdoors, and it’s even better if you can do it in the company of your furry friend.
  • Dog walking is a good way to get exercise. You might be surprised how much activity you get during a dog walking shift. Plus, there are all sorts of other benefits associated with regular exercise that doesn’t necessarily involve going to the gym or doing yoga at home—like making more time for yourself and feeling happier overall.
  • Spending time with friends and family is one of life’s greatest pleasures—and dog walking is a great excuse to spend some quality time together! Just make sure not everyone shows up at once (unless you want them as clients).
  • Meeting new people can be challenging for introverts who prefer their own company; however, being around dogs will help put everyone at ease so they feel comfortable talking with each other during those long walks on hot summer days.
  • Making some extra money to pay for treats for yourself or just increasing your net worth means it is financially beneficial.

What person is best suited to dog walking side gig

If you’re looking for a side hustle that you can work on your own time and from home, dog walking is a great option. You’ll need to have some cash saved up if you want to do this full-time, but otherwise, it’s a fun way to earn some extra money in your spare time. The ideal person for this gig is someone who loves dogs and has lots of patience!

As the dog walker, you’ll be responsible for taking care of the dogs while their owners are away at work or running errands. This means walking them outside regularly so they get enough exercise and play time; feeding them meals; playing with them; cleaning up after them when necessary; giving medication when needed (if applicable); letting owners know how their pets behaved during the day; etc. It also involves being able to handle stress well on occasion—this can be challenging with some dogs who aren’t used to being around strangers!

Other side hustles like dog walking

You might be surprised by how many side hustles there are similar to dog walking. Here are a few you can try:

  • Dog sitting. If you’re comfortable spending more time with dogs, consider setting up a profile on one of the many websites that allows users to connect with pet owners looking for someone to watch their animals while they’re out of town or busy at work. As an added bonus for this type of side hustle, there’s no need for any special equipment—just space in your home and some toys!
  • Pet grooming. You’ll need some specialized knowledge and training before going into this one (and yes, it can also get messy), but if you enjoy working with animals and have patience as well as an eye for detail, then this could be just what you’re looking for! Consider taking classes at local community colleges or trade schools around town; most offer courses on pet grooming either online or through traditional classroom instruction—or even both!

Take out insurance as accidents happen

Things will not always be a walk in the park when you try to make money dog walking so it is strongly advised that you take out some insurance just in case an accident happens when you are out trying to make money walking dogs.

Be aware of local dog laws and regulations

You need to be aware of local laws and regulations that could affect you whilst getting paid to walk dogs.

In the UK if you happen to lose control of a dog then under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 it is your legal responsibility not the owners so if things go wrong it will be you who ends up in trouble.

It is legal for farmers to shoot a dog if they believe it is a threat to their livestock under the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953 so you need to keep the dogs under control.

You could be fined up to £1,000 if you do not pick up dog poop under The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 so make sure you always have some dog poop bags handy.

Grow at your own (walking) pace

Learning how to become a dog walker is just the start. Once you get your side hustle up and running, you’ll need to decide how to grow it.

Once you’ve gotten your side hustle up and running, there are steps you can take to grow it. Here are some ideas:

  • Make sure you have a plan for how to get more customers. This could include things like advertising on social media or posting flyers in local businesses, and even talking to other dog walkers in the area.
  • Make sure you have a plan for how to get more referrals. One way is by offering freebies—for example, maybe they’ll receive a free bag of dog treats or bottle of dog shampoo for every 10 walks they book with you. Another strategy is sending out promotional postcards or business cards. As long as it’s tasteful and professional looking (and not spammy), this will help build up trust with potential customers and make them feel confident about hiring your services again later on down the road!
  • Grow your dog walking brand by developing a website or blog to showcase your talents and the dogs being looked after on their walks.

Just keep putting one paw in front of the other with your dog walking business and soon tails will start to wag!

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